Sunday, April 25, 2010

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, do you agree?

yes I do, that's 100% trueBeauty is in the eye of the beholder, do you agree?
Yes don't you? Just because they say the sky is blue does not mean it is blue to my eyes. I might be seeing something very different but because it was said it is blue, I imagine what I see is blue. What I see is an interpretation only my mind can understand. Besides, where others have found ugliness others have found beauty.Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, do you agree?
Somewhat agree.... but the ideal of beauty is also forced upon by the media everyday.
Not entirely.

Even though it is to some extent dependant on the outlook and attitude of the beholder, which varies from person to person, there is to a great extent an independent quality called beauty. When a large majority of people agree that something or someone is beautiful, there is that special quality which is fairly independent of the beholder bias!!
Sorta agree,eye transmits to mind and mind interperts, then the Beauty is in the thought, or the perception. Therefore ,beauty is in the mind and thoughts of the beholder.

The dude that said it was correct, I am just playing with the wording.
Yes, definatly
In the eye of the beholder beauty might be, but beauty's beholder must then of his influences be aware; otherwise is he--only he--really the beholder?

If we the beholders do not behold of ourselves, then wherewith can we see the beauty?
Beauty is defined to us by our culture and society every day. Really, that does not change our perception of what is beautiful, because it differs for each of us... but when the Giant tells us what ';should be'; perceived as beautiful, is beauty really an individual choice?
No I am not agree with this quote.

What is beautiful is beautiful. If you can't see the beauty then it is your problem because what is beautiful will remain beautiful whether you will praise it or not.
Such a true statement.

People will love what they want to, despite what its appearance might seem to others. Look at people and their dogs- one person might think St Bernard's are hideous while another might consider them gorgeous.

Part of it has to do with who and what you were raised around. If you were raised with a parent that only thought blonde women were beautiful and your mother was a blonde, chances are that you will find blondes attractive and you'll marry one yourself. Its just what we are surrounded by in childhood and what we have been told is beautiful.

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