Sunday, April 25, 2010

What shall i change about my appearance? (People with a good eye for beauty, picture included)?

I am so sick and bored of being the ';pretty blonde'; I have been blonde for years now and i have big brown eyes and everyone says i'm pretty but i really don't see it. I see myself as average and want to be beautiful. I know there is more to life than looks but i like to think i already have a nice personality, personality does come first but i want to work on my image now.

I was thinking of dying my hair very very dark brown, maybe black and getting blue/green contacts because that's what's ';in'; at the moment, well certainly in the celebrity world.

Here is a picture what do you think i should change about my appearance? Hair? Eyes? Both? shall i change about my appearance? (People with a good eye for beauty, picture included)?
you could go for either ends of the spectrum, i think.

by that i mean you can go near close to platinum, or

maybe you could dye your hair a real dark brown/red.

as far as your eyes, coloured contacts are really tacky

imo, try changing the way you do your makeup instead.What shall i change about my appearance? (People with a good eye for beauty, picture included)?
I think you would look great with dark brown/auburn hair. Maybe with some red highlights :) Definitely!
Are you really that shallow if every one tells you that you are the pretty blonde what else do you want. Just be thank full you are blessed to be pretty there are a lot of people in this world that are just born ugly or that have been born with other things that effect them in many other negative ways. Like my daughter she has Down Syndrome but I bet she is a much happier person than you are I tell her every day how Beautiful she is as a person and outside and she has great confidence for a person with Downs. And let me tell you it really pisses me off when we are out at the mall and Beautiful girls stare at my daughter and just keep staring at her but it does not bother her because of the confidence I have thought her but it still bothers me some times. So don't be so shallow just be great full for what you do have and learn to be happy with that your life will be much better.
you look fine
1st off, you ARE pretty.

If you want a change you could dye your hair brown or something, have it cut/ a dif style and so on.... but I think you are fine how you are!
I thnk you look fine..

answer mine?;鈥?/a>
DON'T do that because of celebrities, you will pay hundreds of dollars and then when they say ';Oh that look is so out'; You will go and pay hundreds of dollars to change it. Do this hair style but a bit longer and have black hair.

The style-


And then instead of doing it brown with the blonde, do it black with the blonde.
Honestly you are average looking

I think you should dye it brown, but not too dark brown

as for contacts, i think you should green over blue

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