Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder... if you are the beholder, what is beautiful?

sorry, cant think of a better question...Beauty is in the eye of the beholder... if you are the beholder, what is beautiful?
a combination of a good heart, nice personality, confidence, well groomed appearance, flawless skin and nice hair would be my ideal beauty !Beauty is in the eye of the beholder... if you are the beholder, what is beautiful?
Beauty has many forms; from a tiny baby's first cry in the world, to a senior citizen's wrinkled face and body. We all learn what to appreciate as we grow and learn. Flowers, art, a lovely singing voice, a great book, a well-done meal, the laughter of a friend. The list is endless. Open your mind and heart and truly ';see';. That truly was a better question. Best of luck to you.
if something is beautiful, enjoy it. (e.g. Scenery)

if it is not then make it beautiful.

this creative positive thinking %26amp; the process of making it happen is most beautiful thing in the world.
Beauty, to me, is the combination of a cute face and a kind/loving/understanding/non-judgementa鈥?thinking/playful woman. Maybe that's just what I'm looking for in love...

Note; by cute, I don't mean a supermodel. Some celebrities that others are attracted to, don't appeal to me. And some women that people think plain are cute in my book. Describing what I like is impossible... but I like women like Heather Matarazzo or Mena Suvari, Megan Mullally or Madeline Kahn. Certain things just jump out at me.
Ur question itself is beautiful......

Creative thots, out-of-the box ideas, nature, birth, death, luv, FOOD, .....

everything is beautiful.....
I think it's a great question. To me beauty is seeing someone do something to make a person feel special. Being kind to children and animals. An unexpected hug or compliment from someone you care about. Seeing elderly couples holding hands and being in love after being married for many years. Beauty is all around us if we just are willing to see it.
Its in each and everything creature of God Its made with purity and only people with pure heart can see this beauty and as far as i think so that you are also one of them........
kind people......... nice people....... they are beautifuL!!!!!!!!
! AM!! lol!
i like this question. to me me beauty true beauty is some one that can light up a room with their smile or laughter
wat makes u go WOW!!
Hmm.... someone or something that catch your attention more than a minute.
Beauty is something totally original and intriguing like a person's soul. No two people on earth are alike so that means everyone is beautiful!
What ever makes my heart run faster and my pupils wider...
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