Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Is Beauty in the eye of the beholder?

I always wish everyday to be physically attractive. What does that mean? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I hate hearing that stupid phrase. It's a just way to comfort my insecurity. I hate the fact that being ugly is something that will not go away. You're stuck as ugly for life.Is Beauty in the eye of the beholder?
We all are sexy in the dark!!! look at all those deep ocean creatures,,,somebody of the opposite sex has gots to love themIs Beauty in the eye of the beholder?
It means, that what's beautiful to you may not be beautiful to me.

Look at celebrities. Everyone swoons over how beautiful Angelina Jolie is, but I find her pretty homely looking (as well as looking like she's on drugs, i mean come on, her eyes always have those dark circles underneath, no amount of makeup can hide that).

The point is, not everyone finds the same people ugly. Some may find you unattractive, while many others may find you very much so attractive (just to shy to come up and say it). Surgery, comments, makeup, nothing will improve your insecurities about your physical appearance but you and your mind set. You have to believe you're pretty. Start behaving like you're very pretty and any man can have you, and you'll start believing it.

May sound like BS, but try it for a week.
It doesn't mean your ugly (unless you really are) it just means your not attractive to the person(s) who said it. For example I don't think that either Paris Hilton or Gweneth Paltrow are attractive but other people do. I think that Leelee Sobieski and Erika Christensen are beautiful but other may not think they are. I think the first two are ugly but the latter two beautiful. Thus beauty is in the eye of the beholder (me). It's just someone's opinion.

There is someone out there that thinks that you're beautiful and that will love you for who you are. The most important thing is to have someone that will love you for who you are inside because beauty is something that doesn't last forever. We all get old and lose our physical beauty, but we'll never lose our inner beauty which is the most important.
You're stuck with the body you live in....I am sure there are things about you that you like and someone will come along that likes those parts....I used to hate what I was but now that I am older it doesn't matter anymore....Everyone wants to look their best, to be that movie star image, but, most of us are not that lucky..... It's not important that you look nice, it's more important to live a good life doing nice things...You have control on what you do, not what you came out into the world as...............I like you.....
jeez... k, so its prob true that physically attractive persons have more opportunities out of the gate... and yes, that's not fair. The question you ask is skewed, in that persons of equal physical attractiveness tend to gravitate toward each other thus ensuring reproduction of our species.

So if your question is as deep as ';i want to be pretty'; then you really should find a better angle and work it!
';I hate hearing that stupid phrase. It's a just way to comfort my insecurity.';

You're missing the point. It's not to make you feel better, it's to remind you that everyone has their own opinion, and no matter what you do there will be people who think you're beautiful, and people who think you're ugly.
Everybody is ugly. The thing that makes them attractive is their personality and confidence. I'm a strange looking person, and I admit it. But I have a quirky personality that some people seem to enjoy. Love yourself; in return.. others will begin to love and admire you.
It means that your beauty is mush more deeper on the inside than the out..

You do not need to be beautiful to be happy and find a realtionshiop.

I would rather have someone love me and look at me that way i am not the way i look...

Do not let the world make you think that you need to look good....
Beauty is in the crossed eyes of the beer holder.

I prefer Beauty is only skin-deep, but ugly is to the bone...
Unless you have some kind of severe physical deformity, I doubt your problem is as bad as you make it out to be.
i do too...but what does it matter in the long run? God has made you the way He wants you. you are His creation.
I'm 37 and I dated girls who were considered Beautiful ...and were duds but if you want to be happy for the rest of your life find an ugly wife
It most certainly is, and thank God because I never would have had a girlfriend if it weren't.
Yes, but those beholders can be nasty!

Make sure you have a Cleric in your party and at least one Wizard.
it just means uglies will find uglies attractive
Yes because some people can't see very well and their distorted vision affects their opinion. lol

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