Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Why are flat faces and small eyes the new beauty ideal?

Just curious also is it the same in the Uk?Why are flat faces and small eyes the new beauty ideal?
i assume you are talking about e. asians. you know its funny cos i never even saw e. asians as attractive until i came on this site. i live in the uk where most wm with aw are old dudes with mail order brides, so no, they are not nearly as popular in the uk. maybe it has to do with american soldiers going to these countries and being involved with the women there. there is a large chinese/viet community where i live but they tend to keep to themselves

having said, i have opened my mind and realised that of course there are pretty asian women like any other ethnic group or race so its all good.Why are flat faces and small eyes the new beauty ideal?
It sounds like someone lost her man to an Asian woman. True ugly is stereotyping an entire race like you just did. Just because we don't have long noses and bulging eyes is no reason to hate.
Hm, flat faces? That's a new one, haven't seen that in on the advertisements lately.
eww since when????/

those are one of the most unattractive features to me
They probably have got other good side. for example straight hair and smoothed fair skin and small body..... remember no one is perfect. east indian, arab and black women have got attractive eyes but their hair and skin are awfull? different ppl like different thing. I personlly find unpretty women who have got cleared clean skin and pretty hair look nicer than the pretty women who have got dirty skin and kinky hair.
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