Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Hi All;) .. ';Beauty is in the eye of the beholder';.... Details inside ?D?

Wat is ONE example of what you think is beautiful .. (can be anything you want) ... and why???


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Take care!Hi All;) .. ';Beauty is in the eye of the beholder';.... Details inside ?D?
The most beautiful to me are ferrets. They are the only thing on this planet that I know for sure will never stop being innocent. In people I like trueness. By that I mean people who do not act like something that they are. To truly love yourself to a point where you do not have to pretent you're someone else is amazing to me.Hi All;) .. ';Beauty is in the eye of the beholder';.... Details inside ?D?
I believe that someone who has strong opinions on certain things and can value the little things in life is beautiful. Physically eyes and smiles. Some eyes express that there is more to the person then i might ever know and i think that is beautiful. when someone is passionate about a certain subject and loves to know many things about everything; i think their words and thoughts are beautiful.
Ask a mother of a so called ugly child of beauty and she immediately would name her child as the most beautiful in the world followed by a kiss on the child's cheek.

(Rest of the eyes are bee holders)
like that girl said, anything in nature; it is so pure and random but so divine.
Beauty... I would have to say... A full moon during midnight in the Fall. I dont know why but it takes me to another place. I'm just awe by its beauty. It's pure, clam, and gives me hope.
nature...forests and oceans -not arranged little english gardens-because its original, nothing like man can make
My cat when she is purring. Why? She's expressing pure contentment--that's beautiful :-)
That is a creepy thought

Beauty is in the beholder's eye screaming ';Let me out! Let me out!';

It is also assuming that beauty is not real.

I think of Beauty as the adoration of life in life.

Life is not beautiful but the adoration of life in life is beauty.
Yahoo Answers. I find time spent on this site as a beautiful experience. So much variety of answers %26amp; not just that...........users from different parts of world answering on one common platform .

And the most beautiful thing about it is that users genuinely try to give answers %26amp; definitely these answers make asker's day or solves his/her problem. Isnt this amazing ?
Could there possibly be anything more beautiful than a baby sitting in the grass and a puppy going up and giving the baby a lick? and hearing the baby's screeches? If there is , I have yet to see it. A morning sunrise/sunset is next after my children's and grand children's smiles when they surprise me with something. They , too , would agree with my first choice.

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