Sunday, April 25, 2010

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, right?

Whats your perception of beauty...when it comes to a person's beauty, what kind of features (facial, hair, skin tone) do you think of when you think of someone beautiful?Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, right?
I personally like dark hair and green eyes...which I have with my fiance'.

Physically, I like tall with broad shoulders coming to a slender waist...long muscular legs and a not too large bubble butt, which my fiance' only has the tall part there. LOL

He's pretty slender.

..but I mostly find beauty on the inside, that's where lasting beauty is.

The rest fades with time.

I have been with some beautiful specimens of men in my life, but none as beautiful as the one I chose to spend my life with...he has the most beautiful mind %26amp; spirit of them all.Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, right?
As far as physical features, big arms (not fat) and broad shoulders do it for me everytime but as a woman I find that physical appereance has little to do with it....I have dated all types of men and rarely notice their physical apperance but rather the way the make me feel and the beauty of their actions in life...Women tend to have far less physical standards than men because ultimatly the prize we get from you is the way we live our lives together.

Ever notice how you will rarely see a physically attractive man with an ';ugly'; woman but you regulalry see attractive women with much less than attractive men?
Yes aesthetic in the eye of the beholder. Beauty has no limits! Great personality exuded compliments physical beauty even more!
to me Long hair down to the waist, cute facial features, white skin, dark eyes, or really light colored
heres some advise....

when you say a girl is hot, your looking at her body...

when you say a girl is pretty, your looking at her face....

and when you say a girl is beautiful, your looking at her heart...

it doesn't matter what the girl looks like as long as you know whats in her heart.
my daughter has the beautiful lightly tanned skin blond curly long blond hair big blue eyes and perfect teeth. shes gonna be a knockout when she gets older but for me the most important feature is the smile straight white teeth are sooo important
Their body and face. I'm not saying that if you're ugly and fat that you don't have a good personality, alot of chubbier people are nicer then the stick people. I sometimes feel sorry for them because they probably get teased a lot. But being called to skinny is just as bad as being called to fat, in the words of Nicole Richie (even though I just watch The Simple Life to see all the stupid things Paris and Nicole do). In their face you have to see the beauty in their eyes, the happiness and air they bring with them. And they have to be natural, like a baby wouldn't be born with a ton of eyeliner or eyeshadow.
Personality , face , body
its just like you depends on the person...i think not wearing makeup shows true beauty...covering up under fake tans...extensions and loads of makeup is fake...eveything in moderation...
my perception of beauty is patrick stump.

but realistically, it doesn't matter to me... when i see beauty, i see it. i don't analyze it... it shouldn't be critiqued.
Really high and large cheek bones! That says it all for me.
A Russian girl with blonde hair and blue eyes, 5'3'; ish and 110 pounds
Hmm.. that's my favorite quote that you used :]

My perception of beauty is simply that, beauty. Original, unleashed, expressed beauty. Natural hair colors are by far the prettiest, skin tones are beautiful no matter what color they are, and usually a rather well taken care of [I didn't say perfect] face. sometimes, you can be in your lazy clothes, relaxing with bed-head and yesterday's dinner stains on your shirt, and you can still be beautiful. I think it has to do with prescence, as well.
when i look at a guy, i notice if hes fit or not. it helps if he has abs and nice toned arms. for the face, i notice their hair, lips and of course eyes.
well sometimes i am misleaded by phisical beauty but I thing that beyuty is hidden in our selves

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