Sunday, April 25, 2010

What does beauty in the eye of the beholder mean?

what does it mean... lolWhat does beauty in the eye of the beholder mean?
Beauty isn't always on the outside. Someone might see you as beautiful but on the outside you aren't a supermodel.

Does that make sense???What does beauty in the eye of the beholder mean?
It means just because you don't see the beauty in something...or more often someone....doesn't mean someone else may see the most beautiful thing in his/her life in that same thing...or person.

It means each person or ';eye'; sees beauty in different places...
It means that, depending on who you are, you're going to have a different view of what's beautiful or what's not.
all it means is that the perspective of beauty differs from person to person, what I may consider beautiful, you may consider it plain, so beauty is in the eye of the beholder and beauty has no true definition.
What you may consider beautiful is viewed by another person as not beautiful at all. This happens because each one of us have different standards in measuring beauty.
the quote is more commonly '; The beer holder ';
You are the beholder, if you think something is beautiful, it is.
it means that you cannot judge a book by his cover, you can looklike a supermodel but if you are a total b@#@#@*H or a8##le that is not going to make you very likeable

Sometimes one need to look beyond the physical aspect, what is hidden is just as valuable.

The more you stay with a person the person the appealing they'll look

If an individual cannot do that ,it means that he or she has very shallow personality
example: you like girls(or boys) with big noses. To others that may seem ugly but because you like it, it looks beautiful in your eyes.

So it means that everyone is beautiful to someone else.
';Beauty is in the eye of the Beholder'; Means something might be so beautiful to one person but not mean a thing to another person. The ';Beholder'; means the person who is looking at the object (like the ';Watcher';) or gazing at something like say a girl and let us say this girl is not really by modern standards ';pretty'; but to this guy? who is seeing her there is something he sees that maybe others don't see that is just beautiful to him (a look in her eyes - a vulnerability - a delicate skin - something that captures his interest). It means that there is beauty in a lot of things that some may see and some may not so it is the one ';looking'; that causes their emotions to ';see'; what is lovely about whatever.
Beauty in he eye of the beholder means-You are best among the best in the heart of whom you loved -the one who nurtured you from the very beginning at the time you were in the womb of your mother up to the moment you see the world and its beauty around and where and when you open your eyes you were able to see and recognize who your father was-the one , who is the maker of the universe and mankind-JESUS CHRIST. .
it means if u think ur beautiful than that is all u need

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