Wednesday, April 28, 2010

What constitutes beauty in your eyes?

Whatever form of beauty you want to examine (people, art, etc) is fine with me.What constitutes beauty in your eyes?
Kind eyes and interesting teeth !!What constitutes beauty in your eyes?
I think that beauty is something that has significance to another person. For example, a very old but kind woman with lots of children who she loves is more beautiful than a supermodel with no regard for other people. Conventional beauty isn't real beauty, it's just a fake image of what people say that people should look like, when in fact no one looks like that.
When we say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, we are talking about metaphysical values. Generally, our species appreciates that beautiful sunset, a great play or movie, a job well done, heros, birth, and the ';eternal'; over the ';transient'; because of metaphysical value judgments we make.

Metaphysics, ';in the formation of a sense of life, [which has since come to be called a ';world view';] is the term “important.” It is a concept that belongs to the realm of values, since it implies an answer to the question: Important—to whom? Yet its meaning is different from that of moral values. “Important” does not necessarily mean “good.” It means “a quality, character or standing such as to entitle to attention or consideration” (The American College Dictionary).

';“Important”—in its essential meaning, as distinguished from its more limited and superficial uses—is a metaphysical term. It pertains to that aspect of metaphysics which serves as a bridge between metaphysics and ethics: to a fundamental view of man’s nature.

';Is the universe intelligible to man, or unintelligible and unknowable? Can man find happiness on earth, or is he doomed to frustration and despair? Does man have the power of choice, the power to choose his goals and to achieve them, the power to direct the course of his life—or is he the helpless plaything of forces beyond his control, which determine his fate? Is man, by nature, to be valued as good, or to be despised as evil?'; Ayn Rand, various sources…
Virtue and cleanliness. Example: A woman who does not fornicate or flaunt her body, and does not use make up, has no piercings, or tattoos.
anything that makes you feel happiness within your deep within you that it baffles you
a good person
Can I just ask, what's with all the thumbs down?

I find a caring and kind nature to others beautiful.
big **** and a nice ****

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