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Is truth like beauty; in the eye of the beholder?

Hi Celtic Peace,

No. 'Perception' is in the eye of the beholder, but truth is not.

'Truth', is just that : 'truth'. No one can fudge it. I can view it through a specific lens, but that is 'perception'.

I take everything I can into consideration, including other people's ideas. However, just because the majority of people believe it is : 'the truth', it is not necessarily : 'the truth.

Just, because I believe 'something' is the truth also.. does not mean : it IS the truth. :)

Each of us filters all input through our minds... our 'experiences', our 'qualifications', our 'ideas'. No human can determine, for certain : 'the truth'.

Thank you for your question, Celtic Peace. :) ..And, take care of yourself.

My regards.Is truth like beauty; in the eye of the beholder?
Thank you, Celtic Peace. :) ..And, you'e welcome. :)

Have a Wonderful Week.

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Is truth like beauty; in the eye of the beholder?
Truth is like energy. It can neither be created nor destroyed. Truth has always been and always will be.

In 1755 the new truth became the Industrial Consolidation of Power.

In Feb 10, 2011 the New Truth will be Conscious Co-creation and we will all gather around and discuss truth and debate what IS truth and what is NOT truth.

In answer to your question I would say that NOT everyone is mindful of the truth at present. We're going through shifts in time and space right now thanks to our current Ascension, or Evolution, as you will and as we progress from 7 hertz to 13 hertz we are ALL at varying levels. This is causing a great deal of stress and the thing that MOST people are noticing right now that there appears to be an increase in time. This however, is a mis-perception since it is NOT time that is speeding up, but it is creation that is accelerating.

In 1960 I was told that the Ice Caps would not melt, nor would we be having an Ice Age for 10,000 years. This was a GUARANTEE from our teachers of the time. This was a ';Truth'; of the time. Well, it's been almost 50 years since that promise and what is happening right now?

PROOF that creation is accelerating. So, truth is NOT a constant anymore. And it is subject to certain conditions. And yet, the facts are STiLL the facts and the truths of history are still the truths of the present, but the Time Line has been distorted. So truth is, perhaps, happening a LOT faster than we previously expected.

So, back to your question again, I really don't know ... I guess. But I can tell you that it is NOT like beauty b/c beauty is NOT drifting in and out of a dimensional and temporal time line but truth is definitely. And I guess if when you spot truth, and you don't blink, you may be actually able to hold on to it but if you get distracted, even for a second, you will lose it.

I will leave you with an interesting link below that will confirm what I have just said, and more. If you go to the lecture by Ian Lungold, just below the flashing green paragraph up near the top of the website, you will be able to watch an amazing 1.5 hour lecture that was given at the Melon University. Watch it over and over, because it takes a while to let all the data sink in. The website gets more and more involved after that so you may want to watch the lecture and not go farther. Or you may want to go all the way through it, but allow about 2 weeks to absorb everything there.

I think I can safely say that one mans truth will not be another man's fiction, VERY SOON. By 2011 Truth will begin to stabilize for a select few and by the end of 2012 it will become apparent to all.

Enjoy. Namaste. In Lak'ech.



Shortly after that we will be entering the 5th Dimension and at THAT precise moment we will ALL KNOW truth.
The truth is the is brutal, unrelenting, unkind, you cannot compromise it, no matter how deep you bury it, it would still come out and haunt you, most of the time it's ugly but the truth ALWAYS prevails NO MATTER WHAT. it's always staring at you but does not say or do anything until you lie, keep a secret, or hide something, it will give you time but ultimately will expose you for what you have done, good or ill
Truth, like beauty, is not ';in the eye of the beholder';. Studies have proved that symmetry is beautiful to all persons. I tried to reason with my daughters about truth. Look at it this way: Does what a person believes about something have any bearing on whether or not it's true? No. Truth is truth. There is absolute truth. We may not always know what it is, but that doesn't change the truth of it.
There is Absolute Truth, all that IS - untainted by perception, by ';understandings';. It remains as complete Truth whether it is within our beyond our knowledge capacity.

Then there is individual Truth. This is perception we hold based upon our own personal experiences and knowledge. It is here where Truths differ. It is from here where we must come to understand that Truth, Absolute Truth, exists regardless of our discoveries of it.

you question mentioned truth, and not perception. I agree with 90% of the answers, like Rob and Shiva, I also will tell you that truth is one man's lie and one man's reality.

For christians,their truth is the bible and their one god,which to me, is utter BS.

On the other hand, my truth is that my Gods and Goddesses are real,and are my reality,and my Sabbats,laws and such are true,and to the christians, they are false,and not real.

This is where perception comes in. but that is another question altogether. :)

People say ghosts are real, and have seen/ felt/ heard them.

While I believe in ghosts,I have yet to see one. [ There is, however, ONE ghost I wish to see :) ] I have felt the presence of one and have what I think, heard him in my mind, but that,too, is another question altogether :)

Blessings,and thank you for your thoughtful question.
Totally. Although we do all share similar concepts of that. A face shape survey was done involving every sub-race as possible. Most chose the same types of faces of wide set apart eyes, asymmetrical heart shaped face, lips and smaller chin. Amazing really.

Abstract concepts of beauty are a completely different matter. The same thing can be seen from all angles its good and its bad, each to his own :)

Practicing Shaman.. quantum physics rocks.
No, truth is truth. Things are a certain way.

Human beings may not be able to perceive the truth due to the limits of the human sensorium and limited intelligence. We may misinterpret reality, or see it in a particular way (e.g. we see objects as solid even though in atmoic terms they are 99% empty space). But this doesn't change what the truth really is.

Whether this matters or not is another question entirely.

Take religion for instance. Millions around the world claim to have felt the presence of God within them. For many their faith is based around this.

Take a Hindu and a Christian for example - they both have felt 'God's presence' but who is actually truthful when there is only one God? Which is the right religion?

The question remains unanswerable.

Remember to speak your truth quietly and clearly, and listen to others.

Even the dull and the ignorant; they too have their story.
How does my avatar looks for you ?

In that honesty to your ownself that you behold the truth

you might lie to me to make me feel good

but in that honesty you hold with your heart is the truth

what is the beauty here ?

what you seek in my avatar ? what you see thru your heart in my avatar ?

but in the end you have the answer dont you

is this right ? or wrong ? that would be the sole choice of you devoid of my own interpretation or others

All praises it for Lord Shiva

I am nothing, I own nothing

I am not worthy of any praise

hmmmmmmm, you know whats the funny is, sometimes i need to come back and re read what i have written for me to understand it, It ``flows`` out of you. LOL
While I think there are always 2 sides to every story, there is still only one truth. Although I do believe that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Also beauty is much more than looks but involves a person's heart, mind and personality as well.
No. Truth is like mathematics. The answer doesn't change. Beauty is not completely in the eye of the beholder. There is a mathematical relationship between dimensions of the face that is extremely accurate in predicting beauty.
No. Truth is what exist as it is eternally, beauty changes and fades as the situation and age and is more dependent on imagination and fashion. Truth exist irrespective of anybody's 'beholding'
if the truth you speak of is about an event or someone's opinion then it is definitly in the eye of the beholder! but that might not always be the case, it depends if you are looking for facts, opinions or another questionable truth?
Yup. It's all relative.

Of course, you'll have those of a common mind that will band together to claim that the ';truth'; they chose to believe in is the, one and only, ';truth';.
No because truth cant change from one by one, because beauty is some thing that related to taste of every one but truth cant change with different tastes of people truth is always truth even if you dont like it you cant deny it
only in theory.

only the non objective third person sees the truth with out doubt,

provided the third person knows the truth.

A universe could only hold up if made of truth. We left the Intelligence of the Universe thinking we could make up our own. When we distort it we also miss the path of love.
We may, perhaps, see the same fact of truth in a different way. But the truth itself remains the same.
Yes - in regards to religion and spirituality. In fact, I've said exactly that many times in the Religion %26amp; Spirituality section here.
There is no truth, only lies. Just ask my girlfriend. OR SHOULD I SAY EXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Girlfriend!
certainly seems to be.

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