Friday, January 8, 2010

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder...Does this compare more into music?

Your friend or relative might say the beatles....while your cousin might say that linkin park is the greatest band.

Is there such thing as a greatest band?

Will we ever make a band that everyone will love?Beauty is in the eye of the beholder...Does this compare more into music?
I think the Beatles were as close as music ever got to ';making a band everyone will love.'; and ppl still hated them, and now ppl don't like them...which is cool...(I personally like them.) So, no. There will never be a ';greatest band'; but the Beatles come pretty stinking close...cause they changed everything about the music scene, or the lack of one, so to speak.

Some people, who aren't musicians, just will never understand certain types of music, and why certain people love's because it requires skill and soul, and does not reform to the pop culture's standards...and therefore people who don't play anything (well I might add) don't understand. It's just noise to them, while to musicians like myself, it's genius...and love, and pretty much your whole life...sorry I got really off topic :)Beauty is in the eye of the beholder...Does this compare more into music?
yes, you have a band you think is the greatest band and another person has a band they think are the greatest. It's not the same band. But yes everyone has a band they think is the greatest. They're the greatest to you...that's what counts right?

someday they will creat a band that everyone will love but they will be robots and they sing a song differently in everyone ears so you think they are the greatest but in real life the sound like the jonas brothers =D
No. It is pretty much imposable to make a band that ';everyone'; would love given we all have great variety in taste. Just like there will never be a women that every man will find attractive.
No.There can't be a band that EVERYONE alive will like.It's just not possible.Everyone has different tastes.

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