Friday, January 8, 2010

If beauty is in the eye of the beholder, does that mean ugly people don't exist?

Thats just an excuse ugly people came up withIf beauty is in the eye of the beholder, does that mean ugly people don't exist?
um no? lol...

it means its in the EYE OF THE BEHOLDER..meaning ';ugly'; ppl to you might be gorgeous to other ppl

ive thought so many girls were pretty and had other ppl be like ';ew no way';

or the other way around where i thought giirls/guys were really unattractive and had other ppl tell me im nuts!

it just depends on what you think is sexy, some ppl think tattoos and piercings are a huge turn on and like girls like tila tequila or britannya from vh1. other ppl might think that is a huge turn off and only like more natural girls like kiera knightly. some ppl like big (kim kardashian) some like skinny (paris hilton) some like blond and some like dark hair. its all about what YOU think its beautiful and then that is all that matters, because when you find someone who you think is beautiful it doesnt matter what other people think of them!

besides looks are over rated, you dont get to far in life by looks, and the things you do get because of looks (unless your a model) are probably things that dont matter. if ppl only want someone bc their beautiful then they are the wrong ppl to be around. id rather be loved and valued for who i am on the inside because thats who ill always be, but in 40-50 years when i get old, i wont look the same and i wanna b with someone who will love me when my boobs hit the floor and theyll still think im the best thing.If beauty is in the eye of the beholder, does that mean ugly people don't exist?
Yes, in a sense. What one person may find ugly, another will find attractive, so in a sense.

It just means that not every one is gonna be attractive to everyone, not everyone will be ';ugly'; to everyone.

There is always gonna be at least one person in this world that may find you attractive or ';ugly';.
No. Ugliness is also in the eye of the beholder. Like if I said all girls with blonde hair are ugly(just as an example!)then they're ugly in my eyes. Whereas someone else may look at a blonde girl as the most beautiful thing in the world. It just depends on the person.
negative, peoples personalities can make them ugly

answer mine :);鈥?/a>
wow, stupid question! obviously there are still ugly people. but that doesn't mean that everyone finds that person ugly. one person might think someone is ugly, the next person might think their gorgeous.
No. If someone doesn't believe that they're beautiful, then the saying says they aren't. It all depends on what the person thinks of themself.
Ugly people exist, but other ugly people find them beautiful!
oh god, ugly people exist.

they are out there and they will find you.

be safe.
good question..that means everyone is Beautiful in their own way!
you exist, don't you?

*tee hee*

i'm ugly

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