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Explain how ';beauty lies in the eye of the beheld';?

Good question. It really depends on you're philosophical beliefs. As far as science is concerned, the eyes developed over time (at the time of the first appearance of fish on earth I believe) in order to perceive light which our brains can manifest into an image.

However, it's our brains themselves that determine what's ';hot'; and what's ';not';. So really, beauty lies in the brain of the observer. Though that's no where near as romantic =P

...and 'andrew l', read everything thoroughly before you reply. It was a necessary change in the grammatical structure.Explain how ';beauty lies in the eye of the beheld';?
Explain how ';beauty lies in the eye of the beheld';?

We may LOOK at the world, which includes ourselves, with our eyes....but we SEE the world, and ourselves, with our ';eye';-deas (ideas).

Consequently, we don't see things as ';they'; are....we see things as ';we'; are......through the filter of our ideas.

';Was the eye contrived without knowledge in optics (sic)';?

If Sir Isaac Newton, the second occupant of the Lucasian Chair of Mathematics, really thought about the ANSWER to his question, I am certain that he would have appreciated ';beholding the beauty'; of the ';eye-dea'; that 2+2=4, perfectly, truthfully, invariably, and immutably.....whether summed by scholar, heretic, infidel, or untutored boor, correctly or not !

.....and that the principles of Optics, he discovered, or any of the Principles of Life uncovered by later scientists that govern the relationship between mass, gravity, time, and the curvature of space to produce black holes have been in perfect operation just as eternally BEFORE their discovery of those principles as is the frequency upon which you enjoy listening to your favorite music; indeed, existent ever since the Universe cooled it into resonance along with the infinite gradations of frequency radiating beside it. These principles HAD to have been in operation just as perfectly BEFORE we discovered how to harness them into technology as they presently operate now. Or we would not be able to continue to utilize them for our technology today, much less build them into technological improvements tomorrow!

We ALL are free to choose to believe that 2+2=5 for ETERNITY until we have acquired FOR OURSELVES the necessary knowledge of the immutable principle that correctly sums the answer.

';Perfection does not come from projecting our own ideas but from awakening to the knowledge that it is already the established order of things.';, as indicated in the reference.

....don't believe me? Try MAKING 2+2=5. Doesn't work, does it? We cannot even MAKE 2+2=4. 2+2=4, whether you sum the equation correctly or NOT ! WHY ??

Because neither Truth NOR Perfection cannot change OR be changed. Even Isaac Newton can ONLY accept its perfect operation, because neither he nor we can change Truth. No attempt on his or our part to ignore, change, disbelieve, or rationalize affects its perfection in ANY way whatsoever !! Furthermore, he or we can validate that the correct application of such principles enables us to accomplish anything consistent with those principles.

ALL the principles of Life operate that way, perfectly, without variation, deviation, or attenuation for anyone, at anytime, anywhere !! We can ONLY accept its perfect operation, because we cannot change Truth. No attempt on our part to ignore, change, disbelieve, or rationalize affects its perfection in ANY way whatsoever !!

.....which necessarily requires Newton, as well as us, to understand that the ';Contriver'; of the eye, and ALL the optical phenomena he perceived WITH it, could be none other than the same Source Who created perfect principles of mathematics which operate undeviatingly to create ONLY 4 as the answer to 2+2, AS the One Who ALSO CREATED US out of perfect principles.

Perfection, Itself, created US and all the Principles of Life, perfectly....though most of us have yet to appreaciate the beauty and majesty of our true estate, AS perfectly created Spiritual Beings. Yes, WE can deny this.....but WE still cannot change the Truth or Perfection of it....any more than WE can CAUSE 2+2 to equal anything but 4.

The knowledge we seek, or the beauty we behold, PRECEDES our need to KNOW it (knowledge), or our ability to behold it (beauty)

......exactly like the availablity of air (answers) PRECEDES our need to breathe it (questions).

....or we would not even be able TO breathe, or recognize beauty, at all.

';Beauty lies in the eye beheld'; because beauty IS us beholding the perfection ALREADY within ourselves.....experienced AS ourselves.

.....whether we name it mathematics, or optics, or a wonderful new idea, or a Bach sonata, or chocolate-drenched strawberries, or an unforgettable sunset, or a child's spontaneous hug....

.....or the echo of a beloved's whispered love resounding in our own hearts.

Beauty 'r us !!

OrinExplain how ';beauty lies in the eye of the beheld';?
One mans trash is another mans treasure.

We all have different likes, wants and needs.

Thats the simple way i see it.
Beauty lies as an impression in the eyes.
wrong, it's ';Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder';
I like durian do you?

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